Apartment Tour – Part Two

Apartment Tour - via Pineapples & Coffee Cups Blog


Okay, heading on with the apartment tour. HOORAY for Daylight Savings time and more hours of light! Makes it so much easier to get some good shots of one of my favorite spots in my apartment – my little home office.

So like about a billion other people, I live in a small apartment in the amazing city of Los Angeles. My apartment is actually pretty decently sized (approximately 750 square feet). However, we are considering moving soon and looking into smaller places to save some money on rent. No matter how small your apartment is, you have walls, yes? Unless you live in an apartment made of trees or something (that would be cool!) lets assume you have walls. Even in a teeny, tiny little studio apartment. One of the best ways to get some interior design bang for your buck is with a gallery wall. I love collecting prints from all over and finding the perfect frame to put them in. Aaaaaaand thats what I did for my little home office gallery wall!

Apartment Tour - Gallery Wall - via Pineapples and Coffee Cups Blog



Lips print – The Aestate

Donut Worry Be Happy print and Striped Mantra Print – SS Printshop

Eat More Cake clock – Jenna Kutcher for Society6

Flamingo, Meow, Gold Heart & Pig prints – various artists at Society6

You’re the Pineapple of My Eye card – Hello Tosha

Desk – Home Decorators Collection

Polka Dot Chair – found at a consignment shop in San Clemente, but I’m pretty sure it’s originally from Pottery Barn

Blue Drawers, Big “A”, Metal Ampersand, & All of the picture frames – HomeGoods

Pig Bookends – CB2

Gallery Wall - via Pineapples & Coffee Cups

Don’t fresh flowers always make everything better? Sometimes I get sad that I can’t have lilies (they are very toxic to cats) but then I get tulips and I’m okay with it. They’re just so gorgeous!

┬áMy gallery wall is something that I’ve curated over time, collecting things here and there and slowly adding/changing the wall. It’s a design labor of love that is easily updated and very affordable! When I get tired of a certain print, or I find a new design I love, it’s also so easy to swap a picture out. And it makes a statement! My little home office is one wall in my living room, and as such its one of the first things you see when you come into my apartment. It’s easily the most commented on thing in the whole place. Plus, it’s just pretty to look at, don’t you think?

I love being surrounded by images that inspire me everyday. I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my apartment! Up next….. the barcart!

Stay tuned… Happy Daylight Savings friends!

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