The PACC Holiday Gift Guide – Part One

Wow, that sounds so official. The PACC Holiday Gift Guide. Er, alternatively called “The Gifts I Want to Give and Also to Be Given so Pay Attention Family and Boyfriend”.  That sounds much better!

Really though, I looooooove the holidays. Who doesn’t? And one of my favorite things is to find the perfect gift for someone. I also pride myself on being an excellent gift giver. Being an avid Pinterester, I utilize the option for a secret board to pin gift ideas throughout the year. I also have a page in my Notes app on my iPhone that is Gift Ideas, and whenever someone mentions something to me in passing like “Oh I’ve always wanted one of these….” or “Isn’t this the best?” or “I need….” I steal away for a second (or pretend I’m sending a text message) and make a note of it in that app. Something simple like “Mom – purple robe from Macys” and the style/brand name if it’s available. This is incredibly helpful when it comes time for birthday shopping, Mother’s Day and especially the HOLIDAYS! So here are some of the items I’ve found this year and I think would make excellent gifts. I will also be doing a post of entirely stocking-stuffer ideas (secretly, stockings are my FAVORITE!)  and probably and entire gift post dedicated to pet gifts and also one specifically for coffee mugs (because I cannot limit it to two or three suggestions. It is physically impossible). So I hope you follow along! read more

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