Apartment Tour – Part One

One of the best things about having my own apartment has been getting to decorate it how I want. I’ve shared snippets of my apartment here and there on Instagram so I’ve decided to do an apartment tour on this blog. For a lot of reasons really, but because I honestly really love where I live and I could have NEVER imagined being here, when I was at my lowest.

That being said, I’m a huge lover of estate sales, Goodwill and Homegoods. There is just something about hunting for the perfect piece and finding it. I love online shopping as much as the next person (it’s convenient!) but when it comes to items for my home, I want to touch them and feel them and be able to visualize them in my space. read more

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Cheers to 60 Years!

My mom’s 60th birthday was in October and I just knew we had to throw a party to celebrate. My parents have a beautiful backyard that they don’t utilize enough, so I knew I wanted to have it there. At first my Mom wasn’t so keen on the idea – she hates being the center of attention, but she eventually came around. The whole concept of the Cheers to 60 Years party was for her to feel loved and celebrated and that meant being surrounded by the people she loves most in the world. I knew that would mean that her best friend would need to be in attendance, but she lives in Oregon. I got my Dad and brother on board and we began hatching a plan to secretly fly her in for the party. This was the part I was the most nervous about! I was so scared I was going to ruin the surprise. Once we knew that my mom’s best friend could come and we booked her plane ticket, I was sure I was going to slip up and mention it during all of the party planning. When we were talking about sleeping arrangements, there were so many times where I also said, “Well Deb can sleep in the guest room, and I can have the other room” etc. It was SO hard. Even once I picked Deb up from the airport, I told her I was going to call my Mom to let her know we were on her way and Deb reminded me – “Don’t way we! Say I. I am on my way!” read more

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Halloween Fun (at the office!)

My team at work loves decorating for the holidays, but up until now we’ve never really decorated for Halloween. Maybe it’s because Halloween decorations can sometimes be scary, and as children’s trauma therapists we don’t want to expose our clients to anything else that could haunt them. But this year I found some cute, non-scary Monster doors on Pinterest and I knew we could easily do something similar. I pitched the idea to our boss and she loved it!

The results are very festive and without being scary. So far, we’ve gotten ooohs and ahhhs when clients come into the office and they’ve had fun walking around to see all of the doors and to pick their favorites. read more

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