eat mangoes naked.

No matter how far I come, or how much I’ve learned and grown, I’ve come realize that I’m not immune to new pain. I guess I just thought I had processed everything enough. I’m so happy with my life. So beyond happy. And so so thankful. But I’m only human and sometimes I forget just what a liar fear can be. And so in my attempts to rid fear from my life, I am stripping it down to the basics. Good friends. A loving family. Good books. Hot tea. Kitty Snuggles. Reading for days. Community Service. My incredible job. My loving boyfriend. My kickass apartment. Good Music. Journaling. Jesus.

My favorite nights.
Months of hard work and planning coming together in a pretty great community event.
 Getting back into juicing every morning.
Makes me feel like a superhero.
Coming home from Crossfit and finding the boyfriend making a kickass dinner = WINNING.
Lemon Chicken Milanese is delicious. 


Perfect LA nights and book festivals and casino nights with the funniest and most thoughtful guy I know.

Game nights with awesome games and even better friends.
So much laughter.
Artwork from a old client. She stopped by my office this week to give me this and we chatted about how she still uses her coping skills to manage her anxiety. She was 9 when I was seeing her and she’s almost 12 now. Have I mentioned that I HAVE THE BEST JOB EVER? Because I do.

I also have the best brother ever. Found this picture of us for national sibling day. I’m so thankful for him and his heart. Having him in my corner makes me feel like I can do anything.
Nala likes to play cards in bed, too.
Annnnnnnd meeting this little girl was only the best day of my life.
She gets her own post.
Coming soon.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh so much love.

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