Halloween Fun (at the office!)

My team at work loves decorating for the holidays, but up until now we’ve never really decorated for Halloween. Maybe it’s because Halloween decorations can sometimes be scary, and as children’s trauma therapists we don’t want to expose our clients to anything else that could haunt them. But this year I found some cute, non-scary Monster doors on Pinterest and I knew we could easily do something similar. I pitched the idea to our boss and she loved it!

The results are very festive and without being scary. So far, we’ve gotten ooohs and ahhhs when clients come into the office and they’ve had fun walking around to see all of the doors and to pick their favorites.

We used plastic table cloths from the 99 cent store at the base for most of the doors – easy to cut, cheap, and lightweight to tape to the doors. We used paper plates for the eyes and to decorate other parts of the bodies, along with construction paper and tissue-paper streamers. It was such an easy DIY and fun afternoon of team bonding. Plus, it was so fun to see what everyone came up with!

Here are the doors we made:

Frankenstein DIY Monster Door - via pineapplesandcoffeecupsJellyFish DIY Monster Door - via pineapplesandcoffeecupsDIY Mumps Monster Door - via pineapplesandcoffeecups

DIY Mummy Monster Door - via pineapplesandcoffeecupsDIY Vampire Monster Door - via pineapplesandcoffeecupsDIY Monster Door - via Pineaplesandcoffeecups


DIY Pumpkin Monster Door - via Pineapplesandcoffeecups


Can you guess which one is mine?! 😉


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