I work hard so my cat can have a good life.

Alternatively titled, How to Incorporate Pet Spaces Into Your Home/Teensy apartment. But the former is probably more accurate.

So by now you might know my story of how Nala came into my life. But if not, here is the short version. I was on my way home from work, waiting to get onto the 110 freeway, and it was one of those on-ramps where only one car can go per green light. So I was waiting my turn and I looked to my left, and I saw a teeny, tiny all-black kitten pressed up against the wall. I mean, she was SO TEENSY. So I yelled OHMYGOD and put my car in park, flung open the car door and scooped her up (because I am not dramatic AT ALL). She didn’t even try to run away, and she clung to me the entire drive home. We would find out later that she was abut 3-4 weeks old. I have no idea how she got to where she was, because she would have had to walk across several busy streets to get to that wall, so as sad as it is to think about, I think someone must have threw her there. I can’t even think about it. I can’t. So anyway, she came home with me and we fell in love the rest is history. Andrew likes to tell me, “She’s the best thing you’ve ever found on the street” and THAT IS A TRUE STATEMENT.

Anyway, as you also might know, I live in a teensy Los Angeles apartment, which I also love, but finding space for all of Nala’s necessities (liter box, food, toys, etc) can be a challenge. So once I knew she was going to be staying with us permanently (which was like 1.5 minutes after scooping her up), I got busy on Pinterest finding inspiration on how to incorporate pet spaces into your home. It’s a work in progress, but I like what we’ve come up with so far.

How to Incorporate Pets into you Living Space - via Pineapples and Coffee Cups Blog



One of the first things I found was this litter box house from Amazon. I found a ton of DIY ideas on Pinterest, but I liked this one and decided it would be easier to just order it. But do your research because there are a lot of really cool ideas online.


Pineapples and Coffee Cups Blog


Next, I went hunting for the perfect accessories at Homegoods. There where I found the cute pink MEOW bowl, automatic water dispenser, glass jar for her treats, the frame for the artwork, the planter and plant stool. I had so much fun picking everything out, but Homegoods has SO MANY OPTIONS that is was hard to decide!


Side note – when picking out a plant, I made sure to choose something that was non-toxic to cats/animals. Please do your research! Over half on the indoor plants I liked at Home Depot were poisons to cats. We decided on this Bird’s Nest Fern because not only is it pretty and safe for pets, it’s also native to Hawaii and the Pacific Islands, which is where my boyfriend is from (YAY MAUI).

Pineapples and Coffee Cups Blog


Sometimes I move the mini disco ball to her space and let her have dance parties. I know, I know. I’m a pretty great cat-mom.

Her fun cat toys are from Legendary Pet Toys and she looooooves them (probably because they are filled with catnip. I loooooove them because they are in the shapes of Donuts and Pretzels and are just ridiculously cute). The MEOW art print is from HelloTosha and I framed it with a frame I found at Homegoods. I think adding art work to a pet’s space makes it feel more life a part of my whole apartment in general, which is the goal.


Pineapples and Coffee Cups Blog

An action shot there, for ya. See, she really loves her space and I love it because it us all contained to one corner of my room and it goes well with my other apartment decor. WINNING.

Pineapples and Coffee Cups Blog


The little clear jar holds her treats – which are actually anti-hairball medicine, but she LOVES them and gets really excited to eat them. I like the clear jar because then I know when she is running low and need to order more. She gets one a day, and it helps her to not throw up as often.

Pineapples and Coffee Cup Blog


The plant was a recent addition, for two reasons. 1. I really want to have more living plants in my apartment (just need to get better at keeping them alive) and 2. I think it helps with some of the less-pleasant odors that can come with having a pet/cat. Again, please just make sure that whatever plants you have in your home are safe for pets!

I’m also thinking about spray painting the plant stand gold because ALL GOLD EVERYTHING. am I right? So I’ll let you know if I do that. I also have one more area on my apartment that was a major DIY and for cat, and I can’t wait to share that with you soon. Hope you all had a great CATURDAY and a wonderful weekend!



  1. that’s adorable 🙂 i got my kitty an ikea trofast for steps/climbing purposes (and to keep his seemingly distracting dry food up and away from his wet food feedings). i put all of his toys in the bins and stuff, and used the two big drawers for recycling bins. it doesn’t take up a whole lotta room, either.

  2. also: that story about finding nala up against the wall like that, broke my heart a lil! i’m so glad you two found each other and that your kitty is in a great home now! ♥

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