MAUI aka The Land of a Million Pineapples

So not only did I start dating this really great guy this year, but he is from MAUI which means that whenever we go visit his family we have to fly to Hawaii. It’s super tragic and terrible, as you might imagine. And it just so happens that I’ve never been to Maui. We decided to go for Thanksgiving and make a whole trip out of it, so we were there for 12 days. It was soooooo rough.

We started exploring right away. I had so much fun picking out all the houses I would live in, if I could. This one had a magical door that I fell in love with immediately.

Pineapples & Coffee Cups - Maui

Never mind that it was the end of November. Maui was showing off immediately. This was from Airport Beach, which was super beautiful. Seriously, we don’t have beaches like this in Los Angeles.

Pineapples & Coffee Cups - Maui


Pineapples & Coffee Cups - Maui

We ate a lot of amazing food in Maui, but one of the BEST meals we had was at Star Noodle in Lahaina.

THIS was the Vietnamese Crepe.

Pineapples & Coffee Cups - Maui

But we also did eat pineapple upsidedown cake and drink fancy lattes for breakfast, so that wasn’t too bad either.

Pineapples & Coffee Cups - Maui

One of the BEST days we had ended with this sunset. We swam in the water for HOURS. The water in Hawaii is crazy warm. We only got out long enough to eat at Leilani’s. We ordered perfectly sweet lemonade-cocktails and ate just-the-right-amount of cheesy cheeseburgers and scorching hot onion rings. And it was basically my dream life.

Pineapples & Coffee Cups - Maui

More pictures of food and sunsets to come. OBVIOUSLY.


  1. So fun! I love to [pretend] talk about houses when on vaycay too. hehe! We are headed to Hawaii in June [for the first time] and I am soo excited 🙂

    Your pictures are beautiful and the rainbow is unreal!

    • Hi Marielle, ooooh so fun! One of the best things we did was go to the top of Haleakala for sunrise. It was early and COLD but sooooooo worth it. We also took a chartered boat to Molokini and went snorkeling out there – that was great as well! We didn’t do any zip lining but I want to make sure to do that next time. What time of year do you think you are going? I’ve always wanted to go for whale watching, but have never made it. Have a great time!!!

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