Apartment Tour – Part One

One of the best things about having my own apartment has been getting to decorate it how I want. I’ve shared snippets of my apartment here and there on Instagram so I’ve decided to do an apartment tour on this blog. For a lot of reasons really, but because I honestly really love where I live and I could have NEVER imagined being here, when I was at my lowest.

That being said, I’m a huge lover of estate sales, Goodwill and Homegoods. There is just something about hunting for the perfect piece and finding it. I love online shopping as much as the next person (it’s convenient!) but when it comes to items for my home, I want to touch them and feel them and be able to visualize them in my space. read more

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I’m so much cooler online.

In reality, I eat oatmeal every single day for breakfast. Coach’s oats (from costco) with honey roasted almond slivers and cut up strawberries. I’ve been cutting out coffee because I think too much caffeine has been giving me headaches. I’m not home from work for longer than ten seconds before I’m ripping off my clothes and reaching for my virgin yoga pants (virgin, because they’ve never been to yoga). Andrew and I make dinner – we’re even meal planning these days because we are taking a stab at this responsible-adult-thing and some days its even kind of fun. Then we watch Netflix for a few hours and go to sleep. The most exciting thing to happen to me recently is that I won a bet against Andrew that the guy from Theory of Everything would win Best Actor at the Oscars, so Andrew has to do the dishes for a month. SERIOUSLY BEST BET EVER. On the weekends we nap and putz around LA and eat in-n-out just enough times to make Monday seem manageable. And then we do it all again. read more

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The scariest experience of my life.

I’ve been putting off writing about this for long enough now, and probably only because it feels like I’m already thinking about it all the time. But in bits and pieces. I’ll be in a room with other people, having a conversation and suddenly I’ll find that I’m not in that room anymore, but I can still hear the voices of my friends talking. They’ve continued the conversation, but I’m floating anyway to somewhere else entirely. I’ll be back in that water, floating, swimming, yelling for help. Watching car after car drive by without seeing us. Or I’ll be getting ready for bed, or listening to music, or trying to read a book. And again, my mind isn’t mine anymore. read more

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MAUI aka The Land of a Million Pineapples

So not only did I start dating this really great guy this year, but he is from MAUI which means that whenever we go visit his family we have to fly to Hawaii. It’s super tragic and terrible, as you might imagine. And it just so happens that I’ve never been to Maui. We decided to go for Thanksgiving and make a whole trip out of it, so we were there for 12 days. It was soooooo rough.

We started exploring right away. I had so much fun picking out all the houses I would live in, if I could. This one had a magical door that I fell in love with immediately. read more

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The Leaving.

I’ve been asked a few times recently to “describe your blog” or “Write a little bit about what inspired you to start blogging” for various reasons. I obliged, wrote up a few paragraphs, and went on my way. No big deal. Did it a few more times. And I got it down to a science. The standard answer goes something like this:

“I’ve always been a writer and blogger, but I started really blogging when I was going through one of the most painful times of my life – my divorce. I was engaged at the age of 23, had my “dream wedding” at 24, and found myself divorced at 26.” read more

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I’m not bossy, I am THE BOSS.

So after studying for over four months, today I took and passed the second LCSW exam, officially making me a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I can’t even explain how relieved I feel. Before you take these exams, you hear all of these horror stories, of people studying for 2+ hours a night, and 10+ hours on the weekend for months on end, only to fail the exam and have to wait six months to take it again. I honestly only know a handful of people who have passed both exams on the first time, so I was scared as shit. Thankfully, it was recommended to me to use the Therapist Development Center‘s study program and it was IN.CRED.IBLE. And now I am one of those handful of people that I know. read more

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The PACC Holiday Gift Guide – Part One

Wow, that sounds so official. The PACC Holiday Gift Guide. Er, alternatively called “The Gifts I Want to Give and Also to Be Given so Pay Attention Family and Boyfriend”.  That sounds much better!

Really though, I looooooove the holidays. Who doesn’t? And one of my favorite things is to find the perfect gift for someone. I also pride myself on being an excellent gift giver. Being an avid Pinterester, I utilize the option for a secret board to pin gift ideas throughout the year. I also have a page in my Notes app on my iPhone that is Gift Ideas, and whenever someone mentions something to me in passing like “Oh I’ve always wanted one of these….” or “Isn’t this the best?” or “I need….” I steal away for a second (or pretend I’m sending a text message) and make a note of it in that app. Something simple like “Mom – purple robe from Macys” and the style/brand name if it’s available. This is incredibly helpful when it comes time for birthday shopping, Mother’s Day and especially the HOLIDAYS! So here are some of the items I’ve found this year and I think would make excellent gifts. I will also be doing a post of entirely stocking-stuffer ideas (secretly, stockings are my FAVORITE!)  and probably and entire gift post dedicated to pet gifts and also one specifically for coffee mugs (because I cannot limit it to two or three suggestions. It is physically impossible). So I hope you follow along! read more

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Cheers to 60 Years!

My mom’s 60th birthday was in October and I just knew we had to throw a party to celebrate. My parents have a beautiful backyard that they don’t utilize enough, so I knew I wanted to have it there. At first my Mom wasn’t so keen on the idea – she hates being the center of attention, but she eventually came around. The whole concept of the Cheers to 60 Years party was for her to feel loved and celebrated and that meant being surrounded by the people she loves most in the world. I knew that would mean that her best friend would need to be in attendance, but she lives in Oregon. I got my Dad and brother on board and we began hatching a plan to secretly fly her in for the party. This was the part I was the most nervous about! I was so scared I was going to ruin the surprise. Once we knew that my mom’s best friend could come and we booked her plane ticket, I was sure I was going to slip up and mention it during all of the party planning. When we were talking about sleeping arrangements, there were so many times where I also said, “Well Deb can sleep in the guest room, and I can have the other room” etc. It was SO hard. Even once I picked Deb up from the airport, I told her I was going to call my Mom to let her know we were on her way and Deb reminded me – “Don’t way we! Say I. I am on my way!” read more

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the antithesis of all inspiration that ever was.

In the early days of my divorce, I had all kinds of people and friends that tried to comfort me. Some things they said were more comforting than others, but I knew everyone meant well. I can remember when I was barely even able to whisper my deepest, darkest fears outloud to a friend about being the only person I knew going through a divorce. Essentially I was worried about what would people would think. In the grand scheme of things that was insignificant – I needed to find a lawyer, find a new apartment, figure out how to afford to keep living in Los Angeles, be able to function enough to keep my job, go at least one hour without crying. Telling people and being worried about what they would think should have been the least of my worries, but at the time it seemed so impossible. How was I ever going to get the words to come out of my mouth? How was I going to tell my hairdresser, who always asked about my husband? What would I tell my co-workers, my college friends, my grandma (who knew nothing of our ongoing problems)? read more

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Halloween Fun (at the office!)

My team at work loves decorating for the holidays, but up until now we’ve never really decorated for Halloween. Maybe it’s because Halloween decorations can sometimes be scary, and as children’s trauma therapists we don’t want to expose our clients to anything else that could haunt them. But this year I found some cute, non-scary Monster doors on Pinterest and I knew we could easily do something similar. I pitched the idea to our boss and she loved it!

The results are very festive and without being scary. So far, we’ve gotten ooohs and ahhhs when clients come into the office and they’ve had fun walking around to see all of the doors and to pick their favorites. read more

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