Papa Pineapples Turns Sixty!

My Dad looooooves his new nickname, haha! Really though, he’s a good sport. And pretty much the best Dad that ever lived. He can build anything (coffee mug display shelves, for one) and he learned how to french braid hair when I needed it done for dance recitals and choir performances. He taught kindergarten and first grade for over 30 years and was one of the most requested teachers in the district, for his patience and his creativity. Most recently, he agreed to foster Sir Thomas when we had nowhere else to take him, and they’ve become the best of friends. Thomas just lights up and starts wagging his little stub tail whenever my Dad is around. It’s the cutest thing EVER. So anyway, we knew we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate my Dad and the amazing father, friend and husband that he is.

We decided on a backyard BBQ with a Yard Game Tournament! My Dad has all of these fun yard games like Yard Dice, Washers, and Bocce Ball – and we even have a permanent horseshoe pit in our yard. So my Dad and my brother spent days planning out the rotation and organizing teams and devising scoring methods for this Yard Game Tournament party.

Yard Game Tournament Party

Yard Game Tournament Party










Each station had directions and a scoring sheet. (Spoiler alert – my team got second place and I scored like ZERO point. Except at Frisbee golf. I was freakishly good at Frisbee golf.)


We had prize baskets for the winners – a sort of “movie night in a basket”. Each one had some kind of beverage, a movie, a bag of popcorn and a box of candy.

Yard Game Tournament Party












My Dad’s favorite cake is carrot cake, and my Mom doesn’t eat gluten, so our family friends offered to make a gluten free carrot cake and IT WAS THE BOMB. I’m working on getting the recipe for you all (and for me too) because it was seriously unreal. Also, it had bourbon-soaked raisins in it and 2 pounds of carrots, so it was basically good for you.

   Gluten Free Carrot Cake












Thomas was jealoussssssss.

















Don’t feel too bad for him. He got lots of love and attention and he looked so freaking adorable running around the party all night wearing that party hat.

   cookies and cheeky













In addition to the BEST CAKE EVVVVVER, we also had the cutest cookies ever from Auntie Apple. She is seriously crazy talented and the cookies are DELISH. Basically I just throw parties so I can eat ALL THE SUGAR. It works out well. We also used these paper plates from Cheeky Home. They are sold exclusively at Target, are super chic, and for every purchase, they donate a meal to someone who needs it. There’s not much that I love more than stylish ways to give back. AND things that hold ALL THE SUGAR.

For the meal, we served my boyfriends super amazing barbecue chicken, salad, deviled eggs, and – my favorite – a baked potato bar! That was the hit of the night for sure, and it was SO EASY to put together.

I found the perfect trays for serving the potatoes and all the toppings at HomeGoods, along with the display sign. It’s a chalkboard sign, so I can use it over and over again. I’m already thinking up all new ways to re-purpose it and use it for future events!

Baked Potato Bar - via Pineapples and Coffee Cups Blog


Baked Potato Bar - via Pineapples and Coffee Cups Blog


Baked Potato Bar - via Pineapples and Coffee Cups Blog


As most of our family parties end with everyone sitting around the firepit in our backyard and talking, we’ve starting setting up a s’mores bar. I have more and more fun each time, getting creative with the fillings. This time we had all different kinds of marshmallows, kit kats, reeses, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. For the outside, we had different kinds of graham crackers, nilla wafers and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joes. I re-used the white platters from the baked potato bar, and everything was so easy to set up! And of course, MORE SUGAR so who doesn’t love that?

S'mores Bar


Haha, Thomas’ facial expressions crack me up every time. What a goober.



“Ummmm can I have some cake?”      Clearly the life of the party, I mean. THAT HAT.













Full post just about Sir Thomas, coming soon. He deserves one, and God knows I take enough pictures of the handsome guy. He loved being a part of my Dad’s birthday celebration and we love having him around. He really is a sweetheart.


Thanks for stopping by! What are some of your favorite go-to party meals? I will be using the Baked Potato Bar agian for sure!


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