Sir Thomas Pawington

Well I think it’s about time I tell the full story of Sir Thomas and his rescue. My friend and co-worker, Susy, and I were driving back to the office after a yummy lunch in DTLA at Bottega Louie (fave lunch EVER). We work in South Central Los Angeles, which is a not-so-great part of LA. It’s not uncommon to see dogs roaming the streets and we’ve tried to rescue a bunch before (Susy has been successful – she even carries blankets and water bottles and dog food in her trunk!) but most of the dogs we’ve tried to rescue are too scared of people and won’t let us get near them. But this time was different. I saw Thomas out of the corner of my eye, and the first thing I noticed was how tall this dog was. And then immediately after that, I could see how skinny he was. I mean, he was just emaciated. We pulled the car over and called to him, and he immediately walked over to us.

Sir Thomas - Adopt Don't Shop



We immediately started petting him and he was wagging his little stub tail. He melted our hearts immediately. Susy, who has more experience rescuing dogs, started taking pictures so that she could call some rescues to see if they could help us. We were very concerned with his health given his condition, so we wanted to take him to a vet right away.


Sir Thomas

The top view of Thomas’ stomach still makes me sick. I’ve never seen any dog that skinny. I ran into a nearby grocery store and bought a can of dog food so we could coax him into Susy’s car. He didn’t need much convincing, but he did have trouble getting into the car because of his emaciated state and his hips.

Sir Thomas

As soon as we got him into the car (we had to lift him, and even as skinny as he was  – he was heavy!) he scarfed down the can of food and then laid down in the back of Susy’s care. He was so mellow.

Sir Thomas

His face here just melts my heart! He looks so sad.

Meanwhile, we called our boss (BEST BOSS EVER) and told her what was going on. She offered to call our afternoon clients to reschedule them so we could take Thomas to the vet. I have to say it again, BEST BOSS EVER. We know how lucky we are to have her – and Thomas was thankful too!

Sir Thomas

Another view of Thomas’ body once we made it to the Vet. He was still cool as cucumber, not even phased by the other dogs in the vet’s office.

Sir Thomas

He laid on the floor at Susy’s feet and at one point, he just flopped down. It was cute, but sad at the same time.

Sir Thomas

The vet examined him and determined that he was about 9 years old. They also weighed him and he weighed 69 lbs. For his breed (Rottweiler) he should be about 100 pounds. Everyone at the vet’s office fell in love with him and could not believe we had just found him on the streets, because of how gentle and sweet he was. He wasn’t even food aggressive! He scarfed down the food they gave him (and some of the water too!) but he didn’t get aggressive about it. The vet said he was very patient. The rescue Hope for Paws agreed to help us pay for Thomas’ medical bills, but they didn’t have any place to take him. So I decided to call my Dad and ask if he would consider fostering Thomas. My Dad retired this past year so he has more free time. Thankfully, my Dad is awesome and he said YES. The vet agreed to keep Thomas over night, to monitor him and to run some more tests, and then Andrew and I would pick him up the next day to take him to his foster home.

after the vet

He looked so much better the next day, after a few good meals, a bath and some sleep. The vet warned us that since he was an “intact male” (i.e. not fixed) it was possible he would get aggressive with female dogs. I was concerned about this, since we have an older dog, Snickers, at home. But my Dad agreed to monitor the situation and could keep them separated if needed. But thankfully, there was no need! Thomas turned out to be quite the gentleman and didn’t do more than sniff a polite hello to Snickers.

Sir Thomas

Thomas took to his new home immediately! His playful side started showing right away and he got to playing and rolling around running – as much as he was able. I was so happy – this seemed like it was going to be a good fit! The vet had also told us that Sir Thomas’ x-rays had showed that he had some rocks in his stomach, and also a few fractured teeth, probably from eating the rocks. She thought the rocks would pass, but advised that Thomas be on a wet-food diet. He was also allowed to have up to three cans of food a day, but spread out over six times a day, so that he didn’t eat too much at one time and make himself sick. I felt very confident leaving him in my Dad’s competent hands and when I came back to visit a few weekends later I was happy to see that my Dad and Thomas were the BEST of friends! It was seriously tooooooo cute.

Sir Thomas

My Dad, lover of abandoned and neglected animals everywhere. We’ve always had rescues and he is ALWAYS their favorite.

Sit Thomas

Since Sir Thomas was so skinny, he got to wear a warm little jacket sometimes 🙂

That’s Snickers, getting along with her new pal!

Snickers is 14 years old, Thomas is 9, and my Dad is 60 – she he jokes that this is the “retirement home” when he hangs out with these dogs.

Sir Thomas

Look at that handsome face! Also, doesn’t matter who is out there – if my Dad is there, Thomas wants to be in his arms or as close to him as possible. Hey, what am I? Chopped Liver?? (No but seriously it’s so cute that he loves my Dad so much.)

Sir Thomas

The new king of the backyard! He’s a cutie, that’s for sure.

A few weeks later, right before my Dad’s birthday party my Mom called me with some sad news. Our beloved Snickers was gone. My Dad was with her when she passed away, and she lived a good long life. But I was really sad about it – and so was Thomas! He didn’t eat for a few days. Snickers has been in my life since I was 14 years old, which means she’s been in our family for over half of my life. I missed her smiling, sweet face immediately.


Rest in peace, sweet Snickers. We love you and miss you, but we are so thankful to have had you in our family for as long as we did. We will never forget you. And even though Thomas only knew you for a few short weeks, he misses you too!

It was hard coming home for my Dad’s birthday party and not having Snickers there. But it was also fun to see how much Thomas has continued to improve. He’s put on some weight, is still besties with my Dad, and is just as sweet and docile as ever.

Thomas selfie

Thomas selfie! I just want to smooooosh his face and kiss him all the time!

“I can has some birthday cake??!”

Oh, that’s the money shot. Party hat AND that tongue. He seriously walked around the party the entire night in that party hat. I can’t even tell you how many people commented on what a good and sweet dog he is. I’m tellin’ ya, heart stealer right here!

 Susy came to visit

Annnnnnnd Susy came to visit. She brought toys and snacks and gave lots of cuddles and kisses. This guy ate it all up!

Thank you everyone for caring about and loving on Sir Thomas. If you have some free time, you should watch some of Hope For Paws rescue videos on Youtube or their Facebook page. I do that sometimes at work and I end up crying my face off. They are such an AMAZING rescue organization and the rescue videos are so moving. We are so thankful for their help!




  1. I love this so much! I’m so sorry for your loss, but so so happy you all have Thomas. Hope for Paws is so amazing and so are you! From one dog lover to another, the world needs more of this…

  2. Sir Thomas is so precious! I’m so glad the two of you crossed paths and he has a good home now. This story warmed my heart. I need to go hug my dogs now 🙂

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