The PACC Holiday Gift Guide – Part One

Wow, that sounds so official. The PACC Holiday Gift Guide. Er, alternatively called “The Gifts I Want to Give and Also to Be Given so Pay Attention Family and Boyfriend”.  That sounds much better!

Really though, I looooooove the holidays. Who doesn’t? And one of my favorite things is to find the perfect gift for someone. I also pride myself on being an excellent gift giver. Being an avid Pinterester, I utilize the option for a secret board to pin gift ideas throughout the year. I also have a page in my Notes app on my iPhone that is Gift Ideas, and whenever someone mentions something to me in passing like “Oh I’ve always wanted one of these….” or “Isn’t this the best?” or “I need….” I steal away for a second (or pretend I’m sending a text message) and make a note of it in that app. Something simple like “Mom – purple robe from Macys” and the style/brand name if it’s available. This is incredibly helpful when it comes time for birthday shopping, Mother’s Day and especially the HOLIDAYS! So here are some of the items I’ve found this year and I think would make excellent gifts. I will also be doing a post of entirely stocking-stuffer ideas (secretly, stockings are my FAVORITE!)  and probably and entire gift post dedicated to pet gifts and also one specifically for coffee mugs (because I cannot limit it to two or three suggestions. It is physically impossible). So I hope you follow along!

Cocktail Candle by Emily McCarthy – $37.50

This is such a genius idea, I can’t stand it. From their website:

“Our debut signature scent for our Cocktail Candles called “Prosecco.” This scent has top notes of prosecco, citrus, mint, and spice with undertones of cedar wood, vanilla, and white musk.

Once you’ve completely burned your candle, after enjoying this delicious scent, place your used candle into the freezer and leave for 12 hours. Remove from freezer and the wax will easily pop out. Wash with warm water and soap to reveal your new cocktail glass. The glass should always be hand washed after use.”

So its an amazing-smelling champagne candle that once you use it up, turns into a fabulous cocktail glass! I’d pair this with a bottle of alcohol (probably champagne) and it would make a fantastic gift! I’ll take four, mmmmkay thanks.

Press For Champagne Button from House of Golightly – $92 ringing, $62 non-ringing

lisa go lightly

Let me just tell you, I have this button and it rings rocks! If I could just get my boyfriend to learn how to “respond” appropriately when he hears the bell (i.e come running with a glass of chilled champagne), my life would be pretty much complete. In the meantime, it is one of the most fun and prettiest things in my apartment. Again, pair with a bottle of champagne and it’s an EXCELLENT gift. Plus, you can use it for New Years! (And weekends. And for Sunday mimosas. And thirsty Thursdays. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, really.)

OMG Cake Sneaker from ModCloth – $49.99

omg cake sneakers

Grab your best girlfriends shoe size and make her day! I loved the OMG CAKE phrase so much, I used it at my Mom’s Cheers to 60 Years birthday party. These shoes are so adorable and are practical too. You can wear them shopping, baking, to holiday parties, etc etc. Really, there is no reason to NOT buy these. I’m in love.

Party Like A Pineapple Pillow Cover by FancyItPretty (Etsy) – $31.66

party like a pineapple

First of all, I love Etsy because I love supporting small businesses AND there are so many fun, wonderful items available. Second of all, I love pineapples (you are shocked, I know). Third of all, I love pillow covers because they are such a fun and easy way to update your home decor and for such a small monetary investment. Not crazy about your couch? Find some fun pillow covers for an instant update. Not only do I love this party like a pineapple pillow cover, but FancyItPretty has so many gorgeous ones that are worth checking out.  If I was giving these as gifts, I would go ahead and get a pillow insert from Joann’s or Michael s and give the whole pillow as a gift. Tie a pretty bow around and you are good to go!

Reading Rack for Bathtub from Signature Hardware – $29.95

reading rack

How did I not know this was a thing?! I love baths, wine AND books so this is a home run. I also think that my Mom would really love this. Again, I would might pair this with a new book and/or bottle of wine to make a complete gift, depending on who I was giving this to. (Making a mental note right now that when it comes time for me to move apartments again, new apartment MUST have big enough bath tub to accommodate one of these. I mean, it’s as important as having a dedicated parking space, CLEARLY.)

Eat More Dessert by Jenny Keller – $18.29 (Amazon price)

eat more dessert

By some magical miracle of the universe, Jenny Keller (@jennycookies) found me on instagram and sent me this amazing cookbook AND she included some of her cake pops. I am not even kidding, they were AMAZEBALLS. Even after shipping them, they were in perfect condition and tasted like little balls of unicorn, fairy dust and crack cocaine (in the good way). I took them to work to share with my coworkers and EVERY SINGLE ONE of my coworkers came up to me later asking me where I bought them and if they could order some. I have never had a better cake pop in my life, and I am not even being the least bit dramatic. Plus, her book is GORGEOUS and share shares her amazing recipes for sugar cookies, buttercream frosting and yes, her magical, addictive cake pops (no crack cocaine listed in the ingredients though…)

Thug Kitchen The Official Cookbook – $14.61 (Amazon Price)

thug kitchen

I always find it challenging to find gifts for my brother, mostly because he has very specific tastes, but also because he is a minimalist (ummm whats that?). But one thing I can always count on him liking – and using – is a good book and/or cookbook. Plus, I think I hit the home run this year with this cookbook. It’s hilarious, informative and has recipes like “Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes” and “Warm The Fuck Up Minestrone” so he will have plenty of options as what to make me when I come visit 🙂 I’d also maybe add a fun oven mitt or other useful kitchen utensil to this gift, especially since those are things my brother would never buy for himself but he probably needs.

The Burlap Bag Candles – $14 each

Crazy-Cat-Lady Pumpkin-Addict Unicorn-Puke

Not only do these candles smell AH-MAZ-ING (I own the pumpkin addict), they have the best names! I think these would make excellent gifts for anyone, but I am planning to give one to my secret santa at work. The problem is going to be narrowing down the choices. Do I give Unicorn Puke or Nerd Alert? Crazy Cat lady, or King of Farts for the yearly White Elephant gift exchange (or maybe just your sister and/or brother)? I could give Baked Bread to my grandma, and Cuddles to my significant other. And of course I will be over here hording all the Coffee Fix candles to myself. (Additional idea: Pair with a gift card for a sweeeeeet teacher gift!)

Lindsay Letters Art Print – $20

alls well

Lindsay Letters in one of my favorites to follow on instagram (@Lindsay_Letters) and she has a TON of gorgeous work, but this “Alls Well That Ends With Sprinkles” is one of my favorites. I bought it as an early Christmas present to myself this year, and it’s even more gorgeous in person. I cannot wait to frame this sweet reminder and hang it in my apartment! In general, I love art prints for gifts because like pillow covers, they are a simple but effective way to update any space without breaking the bank. She also has a stunning holiday collection and other gifts. When giving an art print as a gift, I’d find a pretty frame to go with it and wrap with a large ribbon. Such a simple, yet thoughtful gift, that I know will be appreciated.

Shop Compliment Jewelry – prices vary

Gratitude Bracelets - $38
Gratitude Bracelets – $38
Gratitude Necklace - $47
Gratitude Necklace – $47

I recently came across Melissa from Shop Compliment on instagram (@shopcompliment) and was struck by two things: 1) Her jewelry is stunning (& handmade!) and 2) A portion of every sale benefits educational opportunities for women breaking out of generation cycles of poverty. Being a social worker, this hits so close to home and I love when my gift giving can do TWICE as much good (Learn more about the scholarship program here). You can also CUSTOMIZE the compliment that comes with your jewelry, so this is the perfect time to give a gift that says “You bake the best cookies” that your grandma can wear everyday, or “I love you more than pizza” for your BFF. I’d even take it a step future and include a fun inside joke for my friends, or something that says “Best. Boss. Ever” for a work gift. It’s a thoughtful way to give something beautiful that you know will be worn again and again, and the fact that you are supporting the education of women is just the cherry on top!

Annnnnnd that’s all for now! (Have you been taking notes, Mom?!) I hope you’ve found this helpful and stay tuned for more editions that will be rolling your way. Donut worry… I have all angles covered.

Best Christmas Tree Ornaments EVER.

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