It's 2016 and time for the ring!

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Well I've actually had the ring since 2015 if we are going for accuracy, but this is the year that Andrew and I are getting married!

We don't have an exact date nailed down yet, but up until now we've always said "We'll either elope on New Years Eve or well get married next fall"... aaaaaaand New Years Eve came and went and we didn't elope. Not that I wasn't tempted. If you've been following along for awhile now, you probably know that I've actually already been married once before. And needless to say, it didn't end so well. But to make a long story short, I moved on, tried online dating, went on ONE date and met the love of my life. I know, I know, go ahead and hate me. I have the most untypical online dating love story of all time, but it was actually kind of awesome for me so don't hate me too much, mmmkay?

Anyway, the first wedding I ever planned was MY DREAM WEDDING. No seriously. We got married in the church where my parent's were married and had the reception in my parents gorgeous backyard. It was magical and homegrown and vintage and we served amazing food and had a great time dancing the night away. It was seriously an awesome night, but the planning of the wedding was one of the most stressful things I have ever done. And to be quite honest, the idea of planning another wedding isn't on the top of my "Things That Sound Fun and I Really Want to Do" list. But the problem is that I had this awesome wedding, with the wrong person. And that hurts in entirely different places. Somethings you can do again - get a beautiful white dress and call all of your best friends and hire the same kickass wedding coordinator. But other things, the most important things, like getting married at the church where your parents were married, just doesn't feel the same anymore. That doesn't feel like something I can do again. And so while I'm totally thankful to be getting this epic do-over with a way better partner, I still feel like I've been robbed a little. I want my epic, awesome, best wedding ever with the RIGHT person.

But I don’t really want to plan it.

But I have really specific ideas about will make it awesome. Mainly- lots of confetti, sparkly lights, rainbow sprinkles everywhere, and my man’s mad dance skillzzzzz.

So I have to plan it.

But we gave ourselves a few months to just soak in being engaged, and now that it’s the new year, we are going to work together, on planning a day that is totally, completely us. And I really do think that since we are such a good match, that planning another wedding won’t be even half as stressful as the first. The things that excite me about this wedding are so different from the first. I find myself daydreaming about writing our own vows and dancing to our song and how I know I’ll be a big ball of tears. I dream about life after the wedding, living in our own home, curled up in front of a fireplace with our pets. I dream about the day that I’ll get to tell him we are going to be parents, and about picking out baby names. I dream about our lives together, and just how incredibly happy that makes me.

And lets be honest, I STILL day dream about this RING.

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And just for the sake of authenticity, this is the face you new fiance will make after to take a million pictures to get just the right shot of him, your engagement ring, and the golden gate bridge.

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